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N.J. candy-maker Giambri's wins business award
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 2014

The Sweet Life
© New Jersey Monthly Magazine, October 2014

Cream Cheese Icing Candy Canes
© ABC Good Morning America, December 2013

Molasses Candy Canes
© Hearst Communications Inc., December 2013

Jenn Frederick from Fox 29 making candy canes at Giambri's
© Fox Television Stations, Inc., December 2013

The Candy Cane Mutiny
© The Wall Street Journal, November 2013

Sweet and Simple
© Saveur Magazine, May 2013

MarketBasket: Easter Basket Beauties
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2013

Chocolate fun at Giambri's
© CBS, February 2013

Alicia Vitarelli from 6 ABC making candy canes at Giambri's
© ABC, December 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide
© Condé Nast, November 2012

Sweet Straws for Grown-Ups
© The New York Times, July 2012

MarketBasket: Pucker Up
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2012

70 Years of a Philadelphia Tradition
© Clarity Digital Group LLC, May 2012

The Philadelphia Story About Lemon Sticks
© The Baltimore Sun, May 2012

Shopping Corner: Hand-pulled Lemon Sticks
© North Jersey Media Group, April 2012

Erika von Tiehl from CBS 3 making candy canes at Giambri's
© CBS Local Media, December 2011

MarketBasket: Candy Canes
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 2011

Candy Cane Land
© Jersey Eats Magazine, December 2011

Raising Canes
© The Star-Ledger, December 2011

Candy Company In South Jersey Preparing Sweet Treats For Christmas
© CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. October 2011

When Life Hands Him Lemons...
© The Courier-Post, August 2011

Terry Ruggles from NBC 10 Philadelphia making candy live at Giambri's
© NBC Universal, Inc., December 2011. All rights reserved.

Giambri's Quality Sweets Tour with RCI
© Manufacturing Confectioner, November 2010

Taste: Eat This Now: Lemon Sticks
© Philadelphia Magazine, May 2008

Best Find: Giambri's Quality Sweets
© Philadelphia Inquirer, December 2005

CNBC Showing How Candy Canes are Made at Giambri's
© CNBC, December 1997. All rights reserved.

Don Pollack 6 ABC Philadelphia making candy canes at Giambri's
© ABC, December 1996. All rights reserved.

For a family of candy-makers, calling is sweet as ever
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 1994

At Easter, makers of candy hop to it
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 1989

Brothers uphold tradition for sweet holiday
© Beaver County Times, December 1988

Making Candy Canes by Hand
© The New York Times, December 1988

At Giambri's, Business Is Sweet As Valentine's Day Approaches
© The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 1988

Come on, baby, let's do the (candy cane) twist
© The Bulletin, December 1981

How does a candy cane get stripes?
© The Record Breeze, December 1981

Rose Bowl
© New York Magazine, June 1977